Hosting a DC hub (PtokaX) on Rpi

Hosting a DC hub can be irritating sometimes as it needs to be kept online 24×7 and also it can be resource hungry as number of users connecting to the hub increases.


In this post, we will see how a PtokaX DC++ hub can be hosted on a Raspberry Pi (or any other SBC / PC running a Debian based OS).

In this post, I am not gonna go into detail how to connect Rpi to the network and all that stuff as I assume Rpi is already configured and running a raspbian image. I also assume that you already have hub config files and scripts ready (/cfg and /scripts folders).


1. Installing necessary dependencies and tools.

sudo apt-get -y install make g++ zlib1g-dev liblua5.1-dev liblua5.2-dev

2. Getting PtokaX unix source


3. Extracting tar

tar -xf

4. Compiling source

cd PtokaX


After successful compilation, copy existing config files (cfg folder) and necessary lua scripts (scripts folder) to PtokaX home path.

Change necessary details like server ip address and other by modifying Settings.xml file.

After making necessary changes, start PtokaX from terminal by typing…

sudo ./PtokaX

See if it is working.

You can add it to rc.local if you want to enable it every time Rpi boots up.

(Ref: link1, link2, link3)

I hope it helps.

Drop comments in case of any problems / difficulties. I will try my best to solve.

Happy hacking.

9 thoughts on “Hosting a DC hub (PtokaX) on Rpi

  1. How many simultaneous users can the hub handle?..any significant heating or other issues which need to be taken care of?
    P.S I wanna implement this thing for my college hub so ~ 2000 simultaneous users can be served..

    1. Hello Rishabh,

      You will have to try it on your own. If I remember correctly, it used to handle about ~ 1000 users without any problems. Let us know your findings.

  2. Hey,

    I have issue with Hub. I can connect to my hub, others users can also connect. But I can not connect to anyone on my hub – connection timeout. I forwarded ports, but without success. Please help.

  3. i have recently purchased rip 3 model b and i’m in a college where p2p is blocked and other downloading sites, so i want to set up an dc hub in college, i’m also new to raspberry pi i don’t know much. can i get help from scratch?

  4. I tried making hub in rpi ArchLinux but failed.
    Could you please make a tutorial for archlinux in rpi including port forwarding.
    I am using router in college’s LAN.
    Thank you

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